Fabkids February Dinos

Is it Spring yet?

We receive an outfit from FabKids each month, but all opinions are my own. Affiliate links are included.

We’re experiencing yet another snow storm here in Maryland. Hopefully it’s our last, but we tend to get a late March storm, so we’ll see. Spring is in less than 3 weeks, but we’re feeling like spring just by getting dressed today!

Fabkids February Dinos

Charlie’s at the very independent stage now, so I let him choose his FabKids outfit each month. For February, Charlie chose this Dino Rock outfit. It came with this awesomely bright blue (his favorite color) long sleeve shirt. I know… I said we’re feeling like spring and he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt? It’s actually a really lightweight shirt. And it has a ton of dancing dinosaurs on it! It’s perfect for Charlie and it’s just a generally bright and happy tee.

For Charlie, we order a size 4- he’ll be 4 in April. The 3 is a little small on him, but the 4s are a little long. It’s not long enough to look sloppy, but they’ll fit him for awhile, so that’s nice. We’re in the same situation with pants. He’s pretty much at the in-between size right now. One thing I really love about FabKids though is that you can order tops and bottoms separately, so they don’t need to be the same size. For awhile we were doing size 3 pants and size 4 shirts.

The 4 pants are okay on him right now, they’re just a little long in length. Charlie is super skinny, so we have to get pants that have the adjustable waist and I love that FabKids pants do! It definitely helps add longevity to the outfit.

FabKids is Fun for February

Right now if you join FabKids and become a monthly VIP member, you get to pick an outfit and get one free!

If you’re not familiar with FabKids, it’s a monthly subscription for children’s clothing. The great part is that you can choose to skip each month if it’s not in the budget or you don’t find something you like (finding something won’t be the problem though). If you don’t skip, you’ll be charged $29.95 and receive a credit to pick out an outfit for the month.

How FabKids works

It’s really easy to get started and really easy to cancel (but remember, you can skip every month and you won’t be charged).

FabKids Spring is Coming

We’re stuck inside today until the snow starts to wind down. We’ll head out and play later today though, don’t worry. Now… where’s my spring?

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